“Thus with a kiss I die”
Romeo + Juliet (1996)Baz Luhrmann

kirsten dunst photographed by sofia coppola in the behind the scenes of marie antoinette c. 2006
"The only poetry
I’ll ever need,
is your fingers in my hair
and your lips on my body."

— Peyton Scott (homewrecks)

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Lady GaGa - “Dance in the Dark”

"The record is about a girl who likes to have sex with the lights off, because she’s embarrassed about her body. She doesn’t want her man to see her naked. She will be free, and she will let her inner animal out, but only when the lights are out.

She doesn’t feel free without the moon. These lyrics are a way for me to talk about how I believe women and some men feel innately insecure about themselves all the time. It’s not sometimes, it’s not in adolescence, it’s always.

The song isn’t called ‘Dance in the Light,’ I’m not a gospel singer trying to cross people over. What I’m saying is, ‘I get it. I feel you, I feel the same way, and it’s OK.’”

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Mom: son, eat your greens so you can grow up big and strong
Me: na fam I can smoke green and still flex
Mom: raw


what the fuck are girls even supposed to do we get mocked for anything and everything

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